Zillow: Find Sale Rent a Home

Zillow is a great national online real estate database that list properties for sale, or for rent. If you need or want a new place to stay, Zillow.com is a great way to for you to look for a place from the comfort of home. One of the best parts of the site may be the pictures of the inside and outside of properties that owners upload to the site. The site will return a listing of single-family dwellings, duplexes, and apartments along with aerial and street views of the address that you enter into the homepage search field. The aerial and street views are actual pictures of the housing unit searched for and the surrounding homes. But the best part of searching on Zillow may be the detailed information about each property or maybe it’s the pictures that renters upload of their rental units. Either way, here’s a look at some of what Zillow has to offer for anyone that wants to find, sale, or rent a home.

Listing Information (Price, Rooms, Sqft)

Zillow is a great place to start if you need to relocate due to a job promotion or if you’re looking for a retirement home. The listings gives detailed information on properties including, whether the property is up for sale or not, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the square footage, the year built and the type of heating if available. On the financial side, Zillow listings also give a “Zestimate” which is a Zillow estimate* of what a property is worth. The site also includes a “Rent Zestimate” or a Zillow estimate of what a property might rent for. One last financial tidbit on the listing is an estimate of a refinance monthly payment.

Zillow Zestimate Home Value Tools

Zillow Home Value Tool

Zestimate Value Range 30-Day Change $/sqft

– (Sale) Zestimate

– Rent Zestimate

– Owner Tools
(Owner Provided Estimates)

Also on Zillow

  • Historical Property Tax Record
  • A link to the Tax Assessors Website
  • Mortgage Payment Calculator

Other Costs

  • AT&T Internet, Phone, TV
  • ADT Home Security

Local Schools: Links to Zillow information about local schools

Great Pictures

One of Zillow’s best features is the option for property owners and for buyer/renters is that property owners can upload pictures of their properties directly to Zillow. You can do that free on Zillow. You can upload high-resolution pictures of the inside and outside of your property directly to Zillow. That makes your property searchable to anyone in the world that has access to a computer and to the Internet. Having great pictures is a big plus for anyone that’s looking for a new home and for seller/renters. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

*Zillow estimates are not appraisal values but estimates of market value.