Zofran Use May Lead to Lethal Abnormal Heart Rhythm

Those who are undergoing chemotherapy understand the need for a medication that will allow them to think clearly and feel normal. The process wreaks havoc on the body, and almost everyone undergoing this treatment needs some sort of medication to help reduce the nausea that comes with it. That is why millions of people turn to Zofran. A popular anti-nausea drug that was approved by the FDA in 1992 to reduce the effects of chemotherapy; this drug works wonders. However, it is not entirely safe. Many patients who used Zofran suffered from severe cardiovascular side effects, and have filed their Zofran lawsuit.

Side Effects of Zofran

Like all drugs, Zofran has a long list of side effects that can occur. Some of the more serious consequences of this drug are:

• Allergic Reaction
• Shivering
• Agitation or Anxiety
• Light Headedness
• Infrequent Urination
• Blurred Vision or Vision Loss
• Difficulty Breathing

None of these side effects are desired, but many are not deadly by themselves, unless they go untreated. However, there is a much more severe side effect that has reared its ugly head. Some patients develop abnormal changes in the electrical patterns in their heart. This change can result in Torsades de Pointes, a deadly abnormal heart rhythm.

In response to this knowledge the drug manufacturer updated the label on the drug to include a warning for heart arrhythmias. However, that warning was not until 2012, a full 20 years after the drug was put on the market. That same year the FDA issued a warning that the 32-mg dose of the drug will no longer be sold due to the risk of deadly heart problems that may occur.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you, or a love one, have used Zofran, and you have suffered from these potentially deadly side effects, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a personal injury attorney today for your free initial consultation to find out if you will be able to file a Zofran lawsuit. You may be able to collect compensation to cover medical costs, or other damages if a loved one passed away due to complications with Zofran.