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Zojirushi CV-DYC40 vs CV-DSC40: Comparing the CV-DYC40 and CV-DSC40

CV-DYC40 or CV-DSC40 – Which is Best for You?

Here, we will take a close look & compare two popular yet very similar hybrid water boiler/warmer dispensers from Zojirushi — CV-DYC40 vs CV-DSC40 — through providing an overview of each and then in concluding sections highlight their subtle differences & with an appreciation of price, help you determine which appliance to opt for.

Zojirushi CV-DSC40 Overview

Technology & Aspects

A portable 4 liter (135 oz) water dispensing device designed to warm up water & keep it that way — hence perfect for a party or get together with friends & family. It utilizes a range of technologies such as the vacuum ‘double’ insulation technology & super VE Hybrid technology to guarantee water gets & keeps hot with minimum electricity usage.

It also comes with an LCD display which lays out all the relevant info such as the temp level so you can keep track of the water temp & from which you can also alter settings e.g. like with the micro-computerized temp control dial — which include: ‘175 (perfect for green tea), 195 (oolong or white tea), and 208 degrees F, re-boiling at 212 degrees (for coffee etc.)’.

Features & Specifications

Moreover, it comes with a timer setting from between 6 and 10 hours, a easy-to-read water Panorama Window gauge, an extensive magnetic power cord (of 3′), safety auto-cut off feature & audible indicators to let you inform of the boiling process or if more water needs to be added. The CV-DSC40 is also integrated with a cafe-style easy ‘one-touch’ drip for calculated and slower dispensing. As you can see from the image, it comes in a stainless steel finish that acts as a natural insulator, makes it look stylish as well as being easy to maintain & look after — as well as operating on a swivel base.

Dimensions: 8.75 x 11.1 x 13.8 inches | Weight: 8.5 lbs | Rating: 90% (source: amazon.com)

CV-DYC40 Overview

Technology & Aspects

Essentially the Zojirushi CV-DYC40 is the same model as the CV-DSC40 — so has all the same integrated heating & heat preserve technology (VE Hybrid, vacuum double insulated walls container & the Micom) — keeping it warm at three separate levels (175, 195, 208 degrees F) as well as a re-boil mode.

Moreover, it offers the same water capacity of 135, LCD display & control panel, easy to read water level gauge and electric dispensing unit. The improvement made with the CV-DYC though to make it a premium device (& why it is marginally more expensive) is due to the battery operated cordless dispensing unit integrated — to offer that extra practicality in regards to portability — so you can now literally take it anywhere.

Features & Specification

It is also essentially identical in this regard too — coming with the swivel base, the care drip, magnetic power cord, a detachable lid, the ping and melody notification and auto lock & shut off safety feature in case it gets knocked over. Like the CV-DSC40, the CV-DYC40 also comes with the detachable lid and a range of maintenance modes: i. dechlorinate, ii. descaling and the iii. steam-reducing function.

Dimensions: 8.75 x 11.1 x 13.8 inches | Weight: 8.6 lbs | Rating: 92% (source: amazon.com)

Note: both models (like all Zojirushi products) are BPA free & cETLus listed.

The Difference Between the CV-DYC40 and CV-DSC40

So there is only essentially one significant difference between the CV-DYC40 and CV-DSC40 and that is the the former comes with ‘battery operated cordless dispensing’, everything else is identical (apart from a slight change in finished design) — the features, the size etc.

Which Water Boiler Will You Buy the CV-DYC40 or CV-DSC40?

There is about a price difference of $25 (sourced: amazon.com) & in which case I’d advise you to go for the CV-DYC40, due to that edge in practicality that it offers you. Both are however excellent quality & very practical devices. But which water boiler/warmer will you get and why?

Moreover, if you have any questions or issues over the comparison of the CV-DYC40 vs CV-DSC40, then please make them below (& if you’ve found this account helpful please give it a like or share).

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